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Zank smiling at Akame.png
Kanji/Kana Kanji/Kana 首斬りザンク
Rōmaji Kubikiri Zanku
Voiced by Satoshi Tsuruoka (Japanese)
Rob Mungle (English)
Alias Zanku the Beheader
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Blood Type A
Status Deceased
Faction The Empire (Defected)
Teigu Spectator
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 5
Anime Episode 3
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Zanku, also known as Zanku the Beheader, was a notorious serial killer. He was known for severing the heads of his victims, as his moniker implies. Night Raid was contracted to track him down and kill him.


Zanku was originally an executioner for one of the Empire's prisons, but went mad from guilt after taking countless lives. He showed symptoms of schizophrenia, hearing dark voices that drove him closer to insanity with each day. He eventually escaped his position after stealing the Teigu, Spectator. He was wanted by the Imperial Police ever since. Zanku began his rampage, killing random individuals throughout the Empire to sate his bloodlust, beheading his victims. Soon, Night Raid was contracted to assassinate him. Akame and Tatsumi both fought Zanku, and after a struggle, he was defeated by Akame, and was finally able to find peace as he died.

After Zanku was killed, Night Raid took the Teigu back to their base, where Tatsumi briefly tried it which ended in a failure due to compatibility problems. After it rejected Tatsumi, Night Raid sent it to Revolutionary Army HQ for safe keeping.

Equipment and Skills

Zanku was the user of the Teigu, Spectator, a headpiece that allowed him many mental abilities, including hearing the thoughts of others, and accurately predicting their next move. He uses a pair of hand blades that look like Katars to cut his opponents ruthlessly.


  • In the official English subtitles, Zanku's name is spelled as Zank. His title was also translated into multiple terms for beheading in English, such as Beheader, Executioner and Headhunter.